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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

This rating is not only based on food, it includes the experience which you gain when you visit the restaurant. This place offers not only food but also entertaining acts, folk dance and fun games.

The restaurant is located on the top floor of JP Nagar Central Mall. The setup is more like local village but clean and neat with sufficient seating. They welcomed us with Jal Jeera/ Orange juice/ Masala Chass in small glasses. Jal Jeera was slightly salty but other two were perfect.

The buffet has wide variety of dishes- salads, chats, appetizers, fried items, North Indian main course, live counters and desserts. The reviews differed from every person, as few items were not as expected.

Starting with vegetable salad, it was well marinated but it was not fresh or was made way to early. All vegetables were dull and soggy.

Chaats on the other hand were good; Hot, freshly made and tangy as it has to be.

In Appetizers we liked only Pan fried momos. Fried paneer crisps, soya chaap (more like soya tikki) and honey Chilli Potatoes were surprisingly not as expected. It didn't taste as it was named.

Without any delay we moved to the main course and started with some North Indian curries and hot tandoor rotis. The best part was the rotis or Kulchas, which was being prepared hot and served as required. Jhodpuri Aloo and Baingan Bharta were the two dishes which were in limelight. Methi mutter, Paneer Lazeez, Panchratan Dal and Punjabi Chole were just ok.

In rice Veg Biryani surprised us. It had good flavors Making us not to comment on it. They also had Bisi Bele bath, which was not really it. Regular white rice n rasa were also turn down.

Coming to dessert section, Gulab Jamun (dry n regular ones) both were soft and delicious! On the other hand rasgulla was rubbery and hard

Our suggestions to management-

- Bisi Bele bath should be changed to some other dish or remake it in a better way.

- Even veggies and salads can be made as and when required.

- Honey Chilli Potatoes need more of chilli and honey.

If you are planning to go with your family then this is an apt place!

Do try this place and let us know your thoughts and feedbacks!

Cheers!! #BurpOutLoudly


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