Things to remember While Posting Pictures on Instagram/ Blog

These are a few basics which we wanted to put across through our experience or few small tips to consider while blogging. This is not to Mock or Disrespect anyone, just some insights that could help someone to start blogging or improvise their profile.

Editing pictures

Everyone wants to post good pictures, which would look tempting and delicious. But we tend to fail while executing it. Keep the pictures simple as possible, slight editing such as light/ temperature/ sharpness / background is fine and acceptable but do not over edit the pictures to an extent that it becomes quite hard to understand which dish is it. If you are not happy with the picture do not over edit it rather learn to enhance your skills. We come across many such pages where the descriptions say Blogger/ Reviewer but the posts are over edited pictures. Editing Blog/ Instagram feed to make it look attractive so people follow their blog, everyone wants that; but if you post pictures which are over saturated/ high contrasting / dull pictures and expect to get likes and follows is too much to ask for.

As much editing the picture is important, the Alignment of the picture is also significantly important. Taking a selfie holding your phone diagonally might look cute and funky but when it comes to clicking for a pizza or burger, doesn’t work the same way. We have seen people posting food pictures diagonally or even vertically! You have many third party apps which help to edit your pictures and also fit the picture on the screen (1:1 ratio). If you are not aware then Google these things and take a minute to learn how to use it.


Hashtags play an important part in linking your pictures to the particular theme or content. If you use #Food, it would associate your picture with Food. If anyone search #Food then shows all those posts which have this tag used. It makes one's life simpler in searching a particular content or theme. So remember to use the appropriate tags to your pictures to make your post more visible. Also one can Google and check out the trending tags and use the relevant 30 tags to increase your reach.


This is an important part of the post. It should describe or at least brief the picture which is posted on the feed. Few people do not give a description about the picture posted which tends to be ignored. A person looks forward to knowing more about the post to keep oneself updated - be it food, clothes, cosmetics and so on, that's why content truly plays a significant role.

On Instagram FYI - one can write 2000 characters in description and can use 30 hashtags.

Writing Review(basically for food bloggers)

While reviewing a place always keep certain aspects in mind before writing your review. Give description about the place, ambiance, service, food and quality. Do not vaguely sketch out the food as not good or up to the mark unless you know about it. If you are reviewing a new dish, first try to know about the dish. For example- Pasta should be cooked properly to be 'AL-DANTE' - a little chewy; a tandoori dish will have little burnt edges due to Char grill and many such examples. If you have any doubts, do ask the staff or the chef if available. We are sure they will be happy to help you.

Unethical Behaviors

Stealing pictures from other blogs or pages, using pictures without credits, requesting the Restaurants or Cafes to give free food/ huge discounts in the name of bloggers, paying someone just to give 5 star ratings, asking to follow back just to increase your followers, are just a few examples which are just (make in bold) unacceptable. Let your content speak up for you. Try to use definite terms while describing the post to maintain clarity. Last but not the least I would like to say - have patience regarding followers they will increase over a period of time based on your work.The key to better blogging is always try to keep yourself updated & experiment with new ideas . Who knows you might create an Identity for yourself.

Hope this blog will be of some help in your progress or improve your Page/ blog. Again, this is not to Mock or Disrespect anyone, just some insights that could help someone to start blogging or improvise their profile.

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