The Yellow Submarine

This place is right Opp to IIM Bengaluru, situated on rooftop of Big Bazaar. Having a micro brewery, they craft their own specialty beers.

Coming to food, we had ordered Tandoori platter both veg n non veg, potato wedges, lotus stem chips and 24 inch Monster Pizza! Hope honest reviews are accepted!

TANDOORI VEG PLATTER had (putting it according to taste) Malai Broccoli, Paneer Tikka, Stuffed mushrooms and dahi ke kababs. Malai Broccoli was a surprise as it was grilled properly and crisp where as dahi ke kabab was disappointing.It was bland, soft and grilled or baked not sure. It would be great if it was fried.

POTATO WEDGES were good. Crisp from out, evenly seasoned and the ketchup served was well complimenting the wedges.

LOTUS STEM CHIPS made it to 2nd in the top order list. Delicious, crisp and something new! It wasn't cooked like a regular manchurian or a 65. When I asked them about the preparation, they just told it was deep fried, mixed with their secret masala powders and garnished with fine chopped coriander leaves. A must try at this place!

And coming to the big, monstrous 24 inch pizza, well the pic says it all! It was a thin crust pizza which includes around 6-7 toppings of our choice, mouth watering indeed!

PS: 2 people cannot finish this unless you guys are a hardcore pizza fan


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