The Irish House

This outlet is Located right in the heart of The Bay, RMZ Eco world. They have both indoor and outdoor seatings, wherein you can puff seating outside with a calm view right infornt.

As they have happy hours from 1pm to 7pm, my colleagues (who likes beer more than water) were excited to visit this place. We did agree as we could see some good options for vegetarians too.

We had ordered almost everything on the menu but we shall highlight only a few.

- Chilli Guava

- Green Appletini

- Jalapeño Cheese corn fitters

- Veg Grande Nachos

- Herbivore's Basket

- Green Greek overload burger

- Original Italian Spaghetti

- Spicy Sweet Corn Pizza

We need not explain much on how the dish looks like or the portion served as their menu displays everything in detail. Yet we shall brief you about them.

We are becoming a fan of Chilli Guava mocktail. As the name suggests it was spicy and delicious! So was Appletini though it had red apples (we just ignored that part)

Jalapeño cheese balls had topped the list. We ordered thrice and yet we couldn't get over it! Crispy, cheesy and soft, just took us out of our minds! Must try!

Veg Grande Nachos was good in quantity. Toppings were evenly spread and sufficient for 4 people. Say it says- Mucho Grande (much large in Mexican)

Herbivore's basket contains assorted fried items, and we love anything fried! It cannot go wrong. And one of best Spaghetti ever tasted.

Green Greek burger had a Falafel patty with some fresh veggies in between. Spicy sweet corn pizza wasn't spicy as it described.


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