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Updated: Apr 30, 2020


Before starting this blog I would like to express gratitude to my dad and the alarm for waking me early morning (7am😜) and making it possible to attend the breakfast walks! As they say, 'Breakfast' is important because it is first meal of the day. The word breakfast means breaking the fast from previous night. For some people, if the breakfast meal does not taste well then the whole day is ruined!

'Namma Bengaluru' has many hidden treasures, not in terms of precious stones, we are referring to those good old hotels which has been serving, not extraordinary but simple & delicious food . I admire those places for consistently serving homely food at quite reasonable prices. Few places are renowned for their consistency in taste and few for their quality of food served. In this blog we have mentioned few such exclusive breakfast places in Bengaluru which was visited with the social group called 'Bangalore Breakfast walk'.

I was added to this group by one of the fellow bloggers and within a week there was an announcement of next breakfast walk will be held at Basavanagudi. I was looking forward to the meet as there were two places listed — The iconic place Vidhyarthi Bhavan; recently opened and well liked for their dose and Pulav- Namma SLN.

On the day of the meet, we had assembled in front of Vidhyarthi Bhavan and one could judge the waiting time looking at the crowd. They were celebrating their 75th year of successful venture, and I was delighted at this opportunity to meet and greet the members of this group. Though I'm not an extrovert, I managed to interact to few of them. As it was impossible to accommodate all of them at once, we were sent in groups of 4 as or when the places were available. I must say, one cannot miss how incredibly the servers get the Do-sae (the correct way to pronounce) to the table; it is indeed an art to carry around 10 or more plates at once! One iconic place where you can find pictures of famous people, artists, politicians and celebrities who have visited this place. Though they are available on online delivery apps, the experience of being seated inside the hotel is worth a shot.

Just a few steps away from Vidhyarthi bhavan is Namma SLN. A really small place that you can't even stand inside and eat. One cannot imagine how delicious Veg Pulav is served with chutney and a dollop of ghee on it. They serve it on a piece of banana leaf and has to be savored by hand (don't expect spoons, but they have a place for hand-wash). Also, they have a famous Do-sae which you wouldn't have tried anywhere before- Dill leaves Do-sae (Sabakki soppu in Kannada).

Not to forget, a first meet is always special as we all got chance to meet the famous actor, director, producer and a great foodie Sihi Kahi Chandru Sir. I still remember his show Bombat Bhojana, how we drooled just listening to his explanation about the food. He and another fellow blogger (@tharleashish) put up a good gig and entertained us all.

I could not attend a couple of meet ups but when the next meet up was decided to be held in Malleshwaram, I pulled up my socks and decided to pitch in. This time the places decided were Shree Sagar or CTR (Central Tiffin Room), Veena stores and Raghavendra stores.

This time my alarm let me down, and I was late by half an hour. Others were almost done with CTR and were moving to the next one- Veena stores. If you wonder what did I miss at CTR is one crisp Benne Do-sae (Butter Dosa) and Goli Baje. But keep in mind the notable wait time before munching on the delicious delicacies.

The next stop was Veena stores, 15th Cross Malleshwaram. You can easily hunt the outlet just by looking at the long queue on a Sunday morning! The Idly and vada served here are so soft that the person serving used to throw plastic spoon at the idly and it used to stick to it (Now they have replaced it with Stainless Steel spoons). Their rice-baths are also equally famous but noteworthy for that day was Wheat Pongal; made with jaggery it was truly amazing. It was time to move on to the next one.

'Raghavendra stores'. Before mentioning anything let me be clear that these places are known for their simple yet delicious food and not for the ambiance. A small store outside the Malleshwaram cantonment station, is another great place to have a healthy breakfast. The menu is similar to regular breakfast outlets but the prices are very economical. Their items are sold like hot cake. It is very tiny place yet taste is never compromised up on. Again every breakfast walk is an opportunity to make new friends and get to know them.

After a certain period I could attend meet up for the famous Veg Pulav in Bengaluru-

B.N Sambaiah Setty Tiffin Room. I was intrigued by the way it was served and of course how would it taste. Located on Dharmaraja Koil Street, Shivaji Nagar, they serve everything on Patravali (Sal leaves which is considered pure and healthy) and also easily degradable. Old-fashioned, still one has to wait in queue to place an order. This time I had tagged my sister along with me as she was equally fascinated to try their Pulav. We reached on time at 8am on Sunday morning and could not wait to kick start the day with some yummy food.

It was indeed an amazing Pulav which we ever experienced. It had veggies, soya chunks and was served along with a crouton (deep-fried bread stick). A must-visit place in Bengaluru I would say for a scrumptious breakfast! Everything in the menu costs less than Rs. 40 so no need to worry about getting your pocket burnt. (PS- Opens at 7.30am, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are the 3 days Pulav are available.)

From there we headed to another outlet called K.V Canteen which is said to be famous for their Tomato bath(rice). Unfortunately we could not taste it as it was finished by the time we reached there (it was just 9am!). We did try their other rice-baths and decided to have a coffee at Airlines hotel. (PS it is not maintained by any airline company)

We had a large glass of coffee, few had tea and Bournvita milk too. We spent a good time talking and cherishing with everyone.

This was just a few breakfast meet ups and there will be many more in the future. If you want to be a part of it then follow the below link.

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