A authentic vegetarian restaurants or outlets always fascinates us. When we came to know about Sikori (which means earthen pot or vessel) we were excited to try this place. Beautiful, conventional Rajasthani interiors just seized our attention at once!

We had:

-Sikori chukka chai

-Cold rose milk

-Moong Dal Vada

-Pani puri

-Raj kachori

-Paneer pakoda

-Sikori special thali

-Dal bati churma

-Chole bhature

-Khaman dhokla

-Bun tikki

-Gujrati Dhokla and Khandvi


-Malpua rabadi

-Rabdi faluda

We started with basic Sikori chukka chai with some Moong Dal Vada. The Vada was Crispy outside and soft on inside, you get the taste of coarsely grounded Jeera and dhaniya with every bite.

Then entered the Gujarati Khandvi and Khaman Dhokla. We bet it was love at first taste! The dhokla just melted in the mouth and Khandvi had a nice and smooth texture. We could not resist ourselves from emptying the plate.

We were assured that this place won't disappoint us! Even a regular bun tikki was tasting excellent. Then there was a course of fried items i.e Chole bature, Dal ki pudi, Paneer pakoda. Though they were fried, they were delicious and did absolute justice to our taste buds.

Next we moved to the Chats section and ordered for a Raj Kachori. Kachori stuffed with Potatoes, Channa, onions, tomatoes, masalas and over loaded with sweet curd just blew our mind. It was flavorful, attractive and pleasing. One of the best chats which we have had consisting of curd.

How can anyone miss on the Gol Gappas/ Pani-Puri?

They have two types of Puri- Atta (All purpose flour) and Sooji (Semolina) served with 2 different paani- Khatta and Meetha (Tangy and sweet). The Puri were served in packets keeping in mind the hygiene and cleanliness! This was something new yet good that we observed.

We were served with a Sikori Thali, which had 3 curries (Paneer, Dal Makhani and mixed Veg), 2 types of Indian bread (Tandoori Roti and Laccha paratha), Pulav, Boondi raita and a Gulab Jamun. What else can you ask for? It was a complete meal with every bite being savoured.

Last but not the least the desserts or sweets. We would say Malpua and Rabdi tops the list, backed by Rasmalai and Rabdi Falooda. The desserts were finished by blink of an eye! We wanted to try more of their special sweets but our tummies were too jammed to try anything else.

We shall surely visit them again to savor more of their dishes and to treat ourselves!

This was our experience; Your experience may be a better version of ours & we hope the same for you. Enlighten us about your visit and share your gyan with us.


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