Le Terrace Cafe

Visited this place which was hardly few minutes away from our house. A rooftop Cafe with decent seating, it also provides Hukka (shisha).

They have wide range in menu; from bar bites to quick bites, Indian to Chinese, milkshakes to desserts. We ordered many items from the menu.

Cheese corn nuggets, Jalapeño cheese fingers and Stuffed Mushrooms were the good ones. The portions served were reasonably with decent pricing.

Italian cheese rolls, Veg Nachos and Bruschetta were at the bottom of the list. Cheese rolls were soft and oily. The salsa sauce which was topped on Nachos were good but it was not evenly spread across the plate. Once the top layer was finished, only Nachos was left on the plate and Bruschetta was terribly spicy. It literally burnt our stomach.

To reduce the heat in our stomach we orders few drinks.

- Ferrero Rocher Milkshake

- Strawberry Smoothie

- Butterscotch milkshake

- Virgin Mojitos (Kiwi, Passion fruit, regular)

Milkshakes and smoothie were worthy. All Mojitos tasted the same. There was no difference in each flavor.

In main course we ordered Veg-a-la rice, basically fried rice topped with white pasta sauce with veggies. Everything was tasting good if considered separately. But as a whole it wasn't dwelling good. If same thing was made with penne pasta we think it would be a great meal.

And lastly dessert- Pineapple Boat, fresh half cut pineapple, scooped hallow and filled with other fruits, two scoops of ice-cream and topped with choco chips. They took plenty of time in preparation but the outcome wasn't satisfactory. We saw that the pineapple was too ripened and few parts of it was soggy. Great effort by the Chef but we would suggest not to waste time and the fruit.

What we observed?

As we discussed, the foremost suggestion would be staff training, they need a lot of training on how to serve, being alert and Knowledge about the dishes present in the menu. They took at least 5 minutes just to get a spoon or a fork.

Next suggestion would be on Food; few item needs improvement, if you have set a wide range of products then everything has to be done right or can concentrate on few things which you have a good hold.

And lastly the cutleries has to be washed properly. We observed soap stains on plates and spoons. We are stringent when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

This was our experience at Le Terrace Cafe, if you visit this place, do let us know your thoughts and feedbacks!

Cheers!! #BurpOutLoudly

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/fsSi3GdLQnbQSXaB8

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