Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Another restaurant makes its way to our BurpOut bulletin. Shout out to what can be 'The next Happening place' in the glitzy metro of Namma Bengaluru. The all dolled up spot is just located to the opposite side of the mighty Orion Mall, Rajajinagar.

They do have valet parking for four wheeler and for two wheeler, they have allotted the basement. For the ones who are likely to wobble over extra booze, would recommend to plan your visit through Namma Metro. Convenient and safe. Drop at ‘Sandal Soap Factory’ stop and then take a minute walk from there, you can locate it. Have a track on your hours of partying because the last metro departs at 11.30 pm so plan accordingly.

No restrictions on dress code or on entry but a word of caution - better book a table in advance so that you will not miss on enjoyment.

Virgin Mojito

The interiors are posh, soothing and similar to an airplane that keeps you enthused. It is spacious, well set up with comfortable seating and the magnificent view of World Trade Center from the restro set is indeed spectacular. They have two indoor dinner as well but we chose the rooftop pub with dance floor. You can have food and Grove along. Neither a pocket friendly place, nor you end up with a hole in wallet. A decent location apt for group hangout.

Coming to our review segment- food has mixed evaluation, where few dishes were good and few certainly needs improvement undoubtedly.

Our devour started with a Mocktail which was a mix of Tropical dreamer and Summer thirsty. It was a blend of coconut water, Galangal (closely related to common ginger) and Kaffir lime (these leaves are widely used in Thai). The taste was unique & surprisingly good. Liked by us but ain’t sure if will be liked by others, depending on their choice.

Spinach Mushroom Triankles

Now, let’s begin with appetizers. We had some Nachos and lotus stem crisps. Delectably good, but the Tandoori Broccoli and Cauliflower along with Paneer sauté were not doing justice to keep up the goodness like the others. Then there came the saviour - Sriracha Paneer, a mixture of soft, crisp and spicy that brought in pleasure to our taste buds. Our entrée platter was about to end with some Spinach Mushroom Triankles. The very first bite and it was an utter disappointment. The chef discussed with us looking forward to our feedback. He was one patient human who took the pointers and assured to keep it best on our next visit.

In main course, Veg garden Fresh thin crust pizza was a complete knock out. Ample veggies, the crust was crisp and not burnt. On the menu was a staggering Veg Biryani. As a Shakahari, we were left baffled by these biryani outlets but here the flavour, spices, taste and texture were top-notch. It was like finding an Oasis in the desert.

Lastly the dessert, we tried all the desserts available in the menu and everything was delightful. We were not let down by any of the desserts.

How can you turn down the DJ? We danced our ass off to some electrifying beats along with the jam-packed crowd. One hell of an evening it was with food, drinks, music and our burps!

Verdict: There was some turbulence experienced in between in our mouth but yes, the taste had landed well & we were jet lagged by an overall goodness.

To all those who are buzzing to visit this hotspot, would recommend visiting ASAP. Have fun. Your experience may be a better version of ours & we hope the same for you. Enlighten us about your visit and share your gyan with us.

Cheers!! #BurpOutLoudly

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