Green Theory

We ordered Farmhouse pizza, Green Theory Nachos, Peach ice tea and Virgin Mojito.

Pizza was good, base was made out of wheat and toppings were also decent. Of course it was cheesy but turned out to be very sweet (might be cause of tomatoes and bell peppers).

Nachos didn't meet our expectations (was it masala Nachos? I mean it had Jeera n other spices in it). It was more of cheese and less of toppings & salsa sauce.

Ice tea was regular and virgin Mojito was some what like Masala Lemon juice.

About the place:

It's a very calm and quiet place. You have out door seating too, also under the trees! Interiors are well designed and gives a calm atmosphere.

I won't talk about pricing as you get it in their menu.(you can decide based on your budget)


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