First of all, We had a really good meal at Galitos. As a vegetarian I could see a lot options in their menu for us. We tried Country Salad, Cheesy toast, Peri Mushrooms, Paneer burger, Paneer Espetada, grilled veg rice bowl, MALVA PUDDING (Must have) and chocolate Brownie.

Let me start with Malva Pudding- I must mention that it's one of their signature dishes and they excel in it! We were mind blown by the taste of the pudding. It is a must have dish from this place!

- Cheesy toast, the bread was soft inside and crisp at the bottom as it was in house baked and generous amount of cheese on top.

- Peri Mushrooms is a vegetarian version of their non veg dish. Mushrooms were correctly cooked and spicy gravy enhanced the taste. It was served with crisp toasts with herbs on it.

- Paneer Burger, the patty was soft, well marinated and deep fried.

- Paneer Espetada, grilled, stuffed, soft paneer (sandwiched cubes), onions, peppers and our choice of blasting sauce with 2 sides ( Fries and rice bowl). I felt more spices can be added to it as it was bit bland but grilled perfectly from outside! Very well presented indeed.

- Veg grilled rice bowls and chocolate Brownie, as the name says it all I would not talk much about it.

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