When passion and dedication comes together we can see exemplary results. A group of young chefs created 'Forno' as a way to serve some delicious desserts and soft breads. Currently due to the prevailing situation, they are operating based on delivery orders but they have great plans for the future.

We thought of trying out their products and ordered a couple of items: - Sticky Toffee Pudding

- ‎Carrot cake with cream cheese icing

- ‎Triple chocolate brownie

- ‎peanut butter cookies

- ‎crackle cookies

- ‎Garlic bread and fenugreek bread with caramelized onions and herb butter dip.

Starting with bread, both were soft, flavorful and fresh. You are not hit by a strong, pungent flavor of a particular ingredient in any bite. We were surprised to see garlic bread in pretzel shapes and tasted superb with caramelized onions and herb butter dip.

Coming to cakes and brownies, sticky toffee pudding was our favorite. It's sweet, it's sticky, it's gooey and moist. It also goes well along with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. We would personally recommend a must try from Forno.

The triple chocolate brownie was indeed chocolaty, crisp with crackle edges and tasted amazing. The sweetness was apt with little moisture inside. On the other hand Carrot cake was also noteworthy. Small chunks of carrots with lots of raisins in it, topped with cream cheese icing. I am sure you are already drooling! Unlike buttercream/ chocolate icing cream cheese tasted a little salty. We are not sure as we tasted it for the 1st time.

Lastly the cookies- peanut butter and crackle were one of a kind delicious cookies. They melt in the mouth just like that, now can you imagine! We recommend you to try it out and do share your experience with us!

Check out their page for more details: https://Instagram.Com/Fornoblr

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