Updated: May 19, 2020

Oreo Pakoda!!

Say whaatt!

Yes! You heard me right. Oreo biscuit, mixed with batter and deep fried. Totally insane! You should also try Chowpatty chatpata fries.

Dhadoom has opened its 1st outlet in Namma Bengaluru in @mantrisquareblr. They serve quick bites and shakes. Price is not much reasonable I would say but worth the taste!

It's owned by Chef. Harpal Singh Soki and I must say Namak shamak, Namak shamak, daal dete hai (though it's not relating here)

Only suggestion I would like to make is changing the box to a open plate as the pasta drenches the paper below and the pasta sauce comes out of it!

Location: https://g.page/dhadoomblr?share

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