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Let me start with Coconut custard and Sago Pudding with Palm Sugar.

A classic Burmese Dessert, Never knew that there's something called coconut custard, it blends well with Sago Pudding (Sabudana) and served with Palm Sugar (something interesting). Everything has its own distinct taste but when it comes together it is totally worth it!

This was totally new and surprising! I mean samosa in your soup! Samosa soup or Samusa Thouk as they call it, is a typical Burmese Street food. It tastes something similar to our Dal but not exactly; it has spicy n tangy flavor with crunchy veggies.

Khau Suey, A typical Burmese coconut milk noodle soup (veg) served with lots of contrasting condiments (spring onions, fried onions, peanuts, lemon etc).

This place was recommended by many for its exemplary Burmese cuisine and I must say they didn't disappoint us. The dishes which we tasted were totally new, let be Samosa soup, Khau Suey, Fried Rice with tea leaves or Coconut Custard (Tagu Pyi An). I must remind you to book a table in prior, if you plan a visit as there was waiting for the tables (we reached late to the restaurant and had to hurry a bit in ordering food)

It might cost a little more than your regular budget (around Rs.1500 for two) but worth a try!

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