Big Bites

About food: They have lots of things in their menu! Take it from Chats to Chinese, ice-creams to shakes they have it. They even have special menu '

s Special'. Everything has its own taste (unlike other chat centers).

I would like to recommend the Masala Pav bhaji, Papdi Pizza, Tava Pulav, Chinese Masala Puri and Fruit Beer.

They have lots of new things to experiment (at your own tasting risk)

They have less seating space and will be crowded with students in the evening (so better not loose your patience). Give some time for the person to prepare your order (Hurrying up might result in lesser quantity of food :P)

Rates are slightly higher than regular chat shops. They accept Paytm, Ticket restaurant card, Sodexo and debit n credit cards.

Bottom line: You can visit this place once in a while to try out new things!


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