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BurpOutLoudly was born out of sheer burps experienced during every not so pint-sized bite taken by us. A burp can be taken in varied ways but for us, when you relish a simply delicious food and burp - says it all.



Hello there! A Bengaluru based blogger who swiftly jets off on a gastronomical fantasy with every morsel of good food.

BurpOutLoudly chronicles the tale of “must-eat” culinary touch-points. What started as a simple Instagram handle is now turned to a growing platform, covering city’s delectable eateries.

Thanks to our amazing supporters!

Being raised in Bengaluru city, we were always surrounded by diverse culture and food. Through this blog, we take you to all our eating adventures, from desi to firangi flavours, accompanied by our Burps. Hope you enjoy following along!

BurpOutLoudly will help you discover some real good food. Also, you can get in touch to share some of your personal favorite spots and get it featured it on our platform. So, take the steering wheel under your control and set -off with us on this never-ending food frenzy!

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